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Oleksiy Nesterenko Offers Advantages of a Solid Team at Young Companies

02 Jun 16 - 04:29

All new business ideas have to be encouraged because they have the potential to make a difference to the society, industry and country’s economy. That’s something Oleksiy Nesterenko, a finance and strategy consultant for startups and early stage companies believes in. He also understands that young entrepreneurs and their dreams need to be harnessed to ensure that the industry grows on the whole. With the help of his consultancy services he manages to do that, offering clients cutting edge ad...
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Oleksiy Nesterenko Gives His Clients The Business Plan Advantage

28 May 16 - 06:47

There are few things more important for startup companies than a business plan. Unfortunately that’s one aspect of running their company that entrepreneurs tend to overlook and to their great disadvantage. While many of them will try their best to create the best product and offer impeccable services, they just don’t plan well and ahead of time for their business. That’s just where services offered by Oleksiy Nesterenko come into the picture. Not only does he help companies understand the imp...
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Oleksiy Nesterenko on Fundraising for Young Companies

10 May 16 - 23:33

Why fundraising is more challenging for young companies

Fundraising is one of the most challenging tasks for any company no matter if it is newly established or has been in operations for years and years. But unfortunately, comparatively young companies suffer more when it comes to fund raising.

There could be many reasons why young companies suffer more when it comes to fundraising and if the young companies detect these problems, they could also raise huge funds without any hassle and w...
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Oleksiy Nesterenko Gives Your Startups the Cutting Edge Advantage

04 May 16 - 00:17

As they say, many budding entrepreneurs have brilliant concepts that should ideally be successful. But it doesn’t always work out like that and things can easily go awry. What’s crucial for a startup is to have a strong business plan so that they can get to their goals efficiently. That’s where professional services of an expert like Oleksiy Nesterenko come into the picture. He has lived in 5 countries and worked with varied group of companies to gather solid experience, which he now shares w...
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Basic Rules by Oleksiy Nesterenko for Startup Loan Funding

23 Apr 16 - 05:21

Business startup financing whether it's traditional, alternative, or just plain creative entrepreneurs want to know some of those ' basic rules' for ' cracking the code' to finance success.
Let's explore some of those methods - and by the way some of these solutions can also help you grow an existing company.
With decreasing number of jobs and few solutions at work, the best suggestion to the people who face this problem is to start their own business. Although might be economic turbulence,...
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How to Run a Successful Open Board Meeting

13 Apr 16 - 03:29

Community Board Meetings can be challenging in terms of overcoming logistics. As always, the key is time invested in preparation and organization. Please consider the "professional meeting skill tips" like provided below by Oleksiy Nesterenko that might assist your Community in conducting a successful Open Meeting.
Seat all your Board members at a head table. The table should be arranged in a semicircle with the President at the center. Place the Board members on either side of th...
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Oleksiy Nesterenko: Chief Everything Officer (aka Startup CEO), Incorporation

16 Mar 16 - 02:30

The revelation moment has come and now you have a great idea for a product or service. If you plan on keeping your idea just as an abstract concept, then there is absolutely no need to incorporate. Yet, as soon as you are ready to take next steps and turn your idea into a business, you should consider incorporation.
Oleksiy Nesterenko founder of STARTUP FINANCE MADE EASY states that Incorporation of a business offers a number of practical and financial benefits, and should be one of the f...
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Business Management Consulting from Oleksiy Nesterenko

02 Feb 16 - 23:41

Business management consulting is becoming more and more essential for any company who wishes to take their business seriously, and get on top of any problems they may have. Whether you are just starting your business, or have already been running for years, a consultant will always find areas of improvement and ways for you to increase your profits.
Management consulting is a science of business management in which business experts give advice to companies to establish or improve their busi...
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Legal Checklist for Startups by Oleksiy Nesterenko

19 Jan 16 - 05:30

The beginning stages of a business can be a hectic time, and it's easy to overlook the legal aspects of the startup process. However, in order to comply with local and national laws, it's important that a startup follow the proper legal guidelines. The following checklist from Oleksiy Nesterenko will help entrepreneurs know what steps to take to avoid being overwhelmed.
1. Decide Whether to Form a Corporation or a Partnership
A corporation is an entity where only one person makes decision...
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Business Valuation Estimate Worth of your Business: Oleksiy Nesterenko

14 Jan 16 - 06:18

Business valuation is the process of assessing the current financial value of a business in its entirety or, in some cases, the financial interest an owner and/or partner has invested. Business valuations are typically conducted by forensic accountants, a highly specialized field of business accountancy, and are required for business sales, estate evaluations, divorce litigation disputes and other similar legal and financial scenarios.

There are some occasions when business owners want t...
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