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Oleksiy Nesterenko Start-up Finance Services

Startups especially in business are definitely started by people or entrepreneurs. They come in different sizes and anything under the sun. People will find various kinds of entrepreneurial startups as well as different entrepreneurs. Some of these businesses are huge and started by flamboyant industrial people while some are small but innovative.
Starting business is thought to be easy by some, but in order for you to succeed in your idea, you should do it systematically.
Having a great product is not enough for a startup to succeed. Well-developed financial acumen, solid business strategy, and high operational efficiency are critical factors that set star performers from the rest of the pack.
OLEKSIY NESTERENKO. STARTUP FINANCE provides the needed financial and strategic insight that enables businesses to thrive.
Financial Modeling
Financial model is an essential tool for better decision making. Oleksiy Nesterenko start up finance will build, maintain and interpret your financial model, so you can analyze the impact of your decisions on the business.
Cap Tables
Determining ownership percentage post various rounds of financing can be tricky. Oleksiy Nesterenko start up finance will create and maintain a flexible and easy to visualize cap table for your business.
Best thing is to never need to raise money. But if you do, Oleksiy Nesterenko will help you size your round required to get to an accretive milestone and find appropriate sources of capital.
Business Plans
Large number of businesses does not succeed simply because they fail to plan. Oleksiy Nesterenko will help you identify market opportunities, reduce risk, and develop a roadmap for your business, based on financial and economic analysis.
Organizational Processes
Rapid growth is not just about software engineering, but organizational engineering. Oleksiy Nesterenko will work with you to facilitate the transitioning and avoid the “growing” pains.
Your business has been launched, customers can’t get enough of your product and you successfully scaled. If things don’t go as smoothly, Oleksiy Nesterenko will prepare you for all the issues in-between.
Understanding the unit economics of the business is crucial for success. Oleksiy Nesterenko will provide an analysis of the key metrics for your business, including: Pricing, Lifetime Value, Cost per Acquisition, Contribution Margin, and Growth Sensitivity.
In order for business to remain agile, management must have access to adequate and relevant info. Oleksiy Nesterenko will produce a dashboard so you, your team, and your investors have a clear picture of what is happening in the business.
Budgeting/forecasting not only brings structure to the business, but serves as a benchmark for performance evaluation. Oleksiy Nesterenko Startup will lead the financial development of forecasts and budgets and oversee finance related period-end closing.
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